Messy Love

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Alex: I’m not sure why this happens to me, but I keep meeting guys who I really like, only to find out that they live with their ex!  Both times this happened, they’ve been ‘broken up’ and claim to be moving out and moving on… The most current guy  makes me feel good and I could see myself liking him more down the road, but a part of me feels a little weird knowing he goes home to his ex-girlfriend every night. I’m not looking for anything serious, we haven’t even slept together; I’m just having fun hanging out with him.  I don’t know if I should say anything because I’m seeing other people, but I don’t want to develop feelings for someone who’s potentially unavailable. What would you do?
Nik: Ditch the fucker. Ahh, that felt good to say. Okay, but seriously the guy needs to move out (or his ex does.) As much as he says it’s over, he’s still sharing his home with her, which in my opinion is one’s most intimate space.  As available as he makes himself to you, he’s still not…

Fugiform Papillae

Alex:  I was browsing apps and this name hooked my attention, Foodspotting. You know how much I love to eat, so obviously, I had to check it out. And it’s actually pretty sweet! It’s a visual guide to food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend great dishes and see what others recommend wherever you go. It’s almost like Instagram for food.
Nik:  Okay, I’m happy people finally have a place to showcase all of their food pictures because I’m bored with them. I mean, honestly? I don’t want to see the burrito you ate last night or the wings you ordered at Hooters or the pie you baked for your church potluck. I just don’t. Aside from that, and it could be my trust issues, but this app scares me. I’m always baffled when I overhear people at restaurants ask their server what they like. We all have different wiring when it comes to taste. We don’t taste things the same. Some people are supertasters. Some are subtasters. I’m a supertaster. I’m also a supersmeller. But my point is, I’m not sure I trust this app. I mean, sure Bob, puts a great filter on that tuna tartare, but am I really driving 30 minutes because he said it’s the best he’s ever had?
Alex:  Who’s Bob?

I See London, I See France…

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Alex: Okay serious question… do you match your underwear and bra? I’m not going to say why I want to know, just in case my dad ever reads this blog, but let’s just say I think it’s time I step it up in the undergarment department. My friends would agree, I used to have the ugliest undies. My mom used to go to Kohl’s and always came back with a bunch saying “there was a ...

Stop Thinking. Start Kissing.

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Alex:  A close friend from high school recently got married. She’s my first girlfriend to get married. I was in the bridal party so I was there when they got married. I can’t stop saying the word married. I think it’s because it scares me a little. I know I’m only 24 and people say that I’m young, but it doesn’t change the fact that every now and then I’m overwhelmed with the pressure of ...

A Lesson I Want To Share

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Alex:  My mother called me today. It caught me off guard, I wasn’t ready. As my phone was ringing I had an instant flashback to the last time we spoke: “I don’t want to see you, Alex.” It has been months since I’ve talked to her. The feeling of hope that she was her old self again took over. I was walking into my friends house when I decided to pick up the phone and ...

Geographically Desirable

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Alex:  Why does it have to be so difficult to meet up in this city!? I live on the west side, closer to the ocean, and the majority of people I have met or knew before I moved here live on the east side, closer to Hollywood or Studio City. At first the traffic didn’t bother me, but now it’s what is killing my friendships with people! That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to meet up with someone, but didn’t because of traffic. Forget crossing the 405 anytime between 2pm to 8pm. That leaves a small window of time to hang. It sucks! Don’t even bother trying to make dinner plans anymore. The only people I can see regularly are those I live with or those who live west of the 405. Sad face. Maybe

Indecisive Drinker

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Alex:  I never know what to drink when I go out. I always ask everyone what they’re getting before I order hoping it will help me make a decision. If I knew my drink, I wouldn’t have to contemplate for three hours whether I want vodka, whiskey, or a beer. I’ve always been jealous of my dad. He has been drinking bacardi and coke for as long as I can remember. He knows what he likes. I want to know what I like. The other night at Moms, my favorite bar in Santa Monica, it has a ping pong table, a nice gentleman asked “Can I buy you a drink?” I annoyingly responded “Hmm…what are you having? I usually go with a vodka tonic or a Jameson and lemonade, but it depends on the night.” He smiled, but I could tell he was really thinking… what the eff do you want? After that encounter, I decided I want to have a drink I like enough to order every time. That way I can actually talk to the cute guy at the bar instead of spending fifteen minutes picking a drink. Do you have a go-to?
Nik:  I don’t have one. But I need one because I do the same thing. I spend forever eyeballing every bottle on the shelf trying to make a decision. Then I’ll ask the bartender what I should get and he’ll ask what kind of alcohol I like and I don’t even know that. I guess I like a dirty martini, but only when I’m craving salt. I don’t like sugary drinks. I like wine, but only at restaurants. Beer makes me burp, which is never ideal, nothing like burping in a guys face right after he asks for your number…yeah. I don’t have my drink yet. I’d like go-to’s. A beer. A drink. A wine.
Alex:  What do you mean burping in a guys face is never ideal?
Nik:   I don’t even know how to respond.
Nik:  I just looked at the link you sent me.  I’m cracking up.  Does your dad wear cargo shorts?