Ms. Understood

Alex: I’m trying really hard to turn my frustration, and hurt, into motivation. I think that’s the only thing you can do when you’re feeling these emotions. I sent my dad and stepmom a copy of my script (they always nag me for not having anything done) and so I was excited to hear what they had to say when a 55 page script arrived at their front door. The excitement was short lived. When he called to congratulate me, and let me know he received my script,  he also told me…

Messy Love

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Alex: I’m not sure why this happens to me, but I keep meeting guys who I really like, only to find out that they live with their ex!  Both times this happened, they’ve been ‘broken up’ and claim to be moving out and moving on… The most current guy  makes me feel good and I could see myself liking him more down the road, but a part of me feels a little weird knowing he goes home to his ex-girlfriend every night. I’m not looking for anything serious, we haven’t even slept together; I’m just having fun hanging out with him.  I don’t know if I should say anything because I’m seeing other people, but I don’t want to develop feelings for someone who’s potentially unavailable. What would you do?
Nik: Ditch the fucker. Ahh, that felt good to say. Okay, but seriously the guy needs to move out (or his ex does.) As much as he says it’s over, he’s still sharing his home with her, which in my opinion is one’s most intimate space.  As available as he makes himself to you, he’s still not…

Cry Baby

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Alex:  Saturday nights used to be Janae  putting on her MEOW playlist as we’d try on 3 or 4 outfits before deciding what to wear.  Shelly would pour the drinks and after the buzz kicked in, Griffel would remind us that it was time to order the Uber. We’d dance until about 2 am, come home and make a pizza. It sucked when we ran out of ranch. Sundays were spent recovering, usually watching How I Met Your Mother, or off to the beach to relax and wait for the ocean to take care of our hangovers.  As much fun as that was, I wasn’t getting anywhere on my script! It’s been a couple of months now at my new job and I’m not

Magical Room

Alex: Today was so exciting, Nik!!! I took notes for the first time in the writers’ room. Well, it wasn’t the main room but who cares. The writers split up into two groups and I was pulled into one of them to take notes on character arcs. I loved hearing how they brainstormed ideas. How they took turns talking and giving pitches. It was so cool to see them debate and question each other. Honestly, it was magical. I can’t tell you how hard it was to stay focused. At times my brain would wander… I wanted to play too! It feels incredible to be working somewhere where I want to move up the ladder. I had to bite my tongue so many times because

Red, White, and the Blues

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Alex: I’m sad.  Actually, I’m just homesick, but being homesick makes me sad.  So I guess that does make me sad.  I just feel like I’ve missed out on so much back at home.  My brother won State for football, broke his hand and got surgery, graduated High School, turned eighteen and is leaving for college at the end of summer.  The list could go on and on.  And I’ve missed it all. Even some of my friends are getting married, having kids, or getting their own places.  It’s weird and

The Choice. Part One.

Email from Alex to Nik: I need your advice!  I got a job offer!  Things at Warner Bros Records have been going well… so well that I was recommended for a job at Epic Records, as an assistant to the VP of A&R, as well as another A&R. I would have a stable schedule, steady pay and get to listen to music all day.  It’s exactly what I wanted when I first started at WBR. I love music. It has been the love of my life since my first memory.  But the more I write and learn about the writing process, the more I can’t see myself being anything but a writer.

Party? Play? Work?

Alex:  I am in such a different place today than I was a year ago it is absolutely insane. I had such a fun college life, all I did was play. Now it’s hard to enjoy playing, I always feel like there’s something else I could and should be doing. It’s weird. The weirdest part is that I don’t even WANT to go out. I would rather stay in so I can be productive ...

Growing Up or Growing Old?

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Alex: No joke. This is real life; I’m either becoming a loser or a grownup. Both are scary. It’s a Saturday night and I am laying on the couch, relaxing in silence until I get bored of surfing the internet and ready to start reading or writing. The guy I’m sleeping with is already home passed out and my roommate is getting ready to go to a party at this beautiful house in the Palisades. Ready for the best part? My back  hurts. Talk about change. A year ago I was bartending and going out 4-5 times a week.  Granted I did have my writers class today which was immediately followed by a 6 hour shift at work. I started that whole server thing again until I get a real job. Sigh.  I live with two other girls so having the place to myself is rare, I love when it happens. This post-college-pre-adulthood phase is weird. It’s a transition that you’re in long enough to be aware of. You have a lot more to be responsible for and that can sometimes be a buzz kill. I want to go out, but

Stop Thinking. Start Kissing.

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Alex:  A close friend from high school recently got married. She’s my first girlfriend to get married. I was in the bridal party so I was there when they got married. I can’t stop saying the word married. I think it’s because it scares me a little. I know I’m only 24 and people say that I’m young, but it doesn’t change the fact that every now and then I’m overwhelmed with the pressure of ...

Successful Struggles

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Alex:  I read something the other day that really stuck with me.  Nik, remember when you came over right before you left to go home for Thanksgiving and I was having a bit of a freak out moment?  I was overwhelmed with finding a job, being away from home for the holidays for the first time, keeping up with how expensive it is to live in LA, etc.?  I was pacing back and forth, steam ...