Stop Thinking. Start Kissing.

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Alex:  A close friend from high school recently got married. She’s my first girlfriend to get married. I was in the bridal party so I was there when they got married. I can’t stop saying the word married. I think it’s because it scares me a little. I know I’m only 24 and people say that I’m young, but it doesn’t change the fact that every now and then I’m overwhelmed with the pressure of finding love and settling down. I get these intense waves of emotion that send my mind racing down lonely lane. I don’t address these feelings often, but they’re there. Like a little crack in the mirror of love that reminds me every so often that I’m still single. Did I take that too far? Don’t get me wrong, I do love weddings and the idea of love. They’re fun and being a part of someone’s big day, that they’re going to remember for a lifetime, is an honor. But I’m just on a different boat entirely. I can’t think of marriage right now. Thinking of being with someone for eternity freaks me out. I think it’s scary because I’m single and I’m afraid I’m never going to find someone good enough. I know, I know, I’m being dramatic, but at times I really feel the pressure of finding that somebody. I haven’t brought a guy home to meet my family since my last relationship five years ago. I have a feeling my parents think there’s something wrong with me, they’ve even made a few jokes about it. It’s just really hitting me that I’m not in college anymore. Boy is it crazy how fast those years flew by. Why isn’t there a time machine? I want to go back! I have these moments where I don’t want to let go of that care-free life and accept how hard the real world is. Do these feelings ever go away?
Nik:  For sure. I think once you find a job that you love and get your groove in LA, you’ll start to really love life post-college. I mean, do you really want to read twenty chapters on some bullshit you don’t care about and then write a twenty page paper on what you read only to hand it in and do it all over again? Now you get to read your own book and write your own paper and that’s the best, most exciting thing ever! I’m guessing you miss your friends the most and the safety of structure. So create your own structure out here by developing a routine, nurture your friendships and start dating (for every guy in LA’s sake!) You don’t have to look at each guy as future-baby-daddy material, just as casual and fun encounters that will expose you to a more expanded view. Stop thinking. Start kissing.
Alex:  That’s a great bumper sticker ‘Stop thinking. Start kissing’. Or maybe even a tattoo!! Just kidding, I would never. Anyway, you’re right. I am guilty of sometimes taking life too seriously. So less thinking and more kissing… I think I can do that!

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