Let It Develop

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 , , , , 0

Nik: Sit, settle in, soak in the creative bath, let the words find you, ride the ride, let it unfold, let it be great, let it be average, breathe life in and let it live.
Alex: Are you starting a new pilot?
Nik: Yep.
Alex: Yesssss. I can’t wait to read this bad boy. Is this on your new pilot playlist?
Nik: #1 and currently on repeat.
Alex: Do you always make a playlist for every project you write?
Nik: Normally I find one song that inspires me and I listen to it over and over. It usually matches the tone of what I’m writing and puts me in an aligned emotional state. Or sometimes I just need a song that inspires me but can be white noise at the same time. On my last project I created a playlist and listened to it everywhere (driving, working out, etc.) to keep me motivated. But it all starts with one song…
Alex: Sweet! Do you remember all of your “starter songs”?
Nik: A few of them… For my very first pilot, I listened to Nowhere Again by The Secret Machines over and over and over. Another one was Berzerk by Eminem. Oh! And Lenka’s Everything At Once. I can’t remember the other starter songs…
Alex: I really like this idea. I constantly make playlists, but I never have it catered to one specific thing I’m writing. It’s like creating your own soundtrack. I’m going to try it.

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