Circuit Works

Nik:  The older a person gets, the faster the ass heads south. It’s not okay. You know what is okay? Circuit Works. I get so bored with gym workouts and kind of can’t stand classes, but this is the perfect place for my scattered mind. It’s an interval/circuit training workout that rotates through a series of stations combining aerobic and weight training exercises. The music is loud, the instructors motivating, and your mind is engaged because you’re quickly moving through the different stations.

Park You

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 , , , , 0

Alex:  Parking enforcement does not mess around out here. In Wisconsin you could get away with a lot more! Today I went to Runyon to hike. It has such a different vibe than Temescal. Can’t complain though, I’m happy hiking anywhere. Whenever I’m this cheesy, I actually crave cheese. Is that weird? Anyway, I loved how many dogs were at Runyon. I felt like I was walking up a mountain, surrounded by puppies and a ...