I See London, I See France…

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Alex: Okay serious question… do you match your underwear and bra? I’m not going to say why I want to know, just in case my dad ever reads this blog, but let’s just say I think it’s time I step it up in the undergarment department. My friends would agree, I used to have the ugliest undies. My mom used to go to Kohl’s and always came back with a bunch saying “there was a good sale”. So what if they were black with a kitten-jack-o-lantern face on it? They were free. Those days are over though. So do share your intimate secrets with me. Are they better than Victoria’s Secret?
Nik: New man? Lol. And please, your dad is NOT reading AmAm. Anyway, yes, I match. I think mismatching is lazy and looks like you smell like pee. But I’m weird like that and you know I’m a self-proclaimed OCDer. I’ll admit that I went through a phase where the nude push-up number from Victoria Secret became my undergarm uniform. I owned like 82 of them because they were all I’d wear. But one day I thought, ew, gross. So now I save the ‘nudes’ for clothes that require them. And, yes, I’m a fan of Vic Sec, but I’ve got an arsenal of fancy delicates for certain scenarios, which I won’t talk about because now you’ve got me paranoid that your dad really is reading this.
Alex: Haha! Fine, I’ll admit it, my dad doesn’t read this and it is for a new man. BUT I’m not spilling the beans yet because I don’t want to jinx anything! Oh boy, I don’t think I’ve ever matched my undies and bra. Time to start though. Want to go to Victoria Secret with me this week? And for the record, I don’t smell like pee.
Nik: Just tell me you don’t have period underwear.
Alex: (Gasp!) You don’t? Everyone does!
Nik: No they don’t! I don’t.
Alex: You really don’t have those ugly undies that you wear during that week because you could care less if they get ruined? You know you’ve ruined a few panties.
Nik: No. I wear black during my moon cycle.
Alex: Did you wear black during your sweat lodge too?
Nik: Depends on the lunar calendar, but no, white because it doesn’t show the salt marks from the sweat.
Alex: Gross. The conversations ends here.
Nik: I wasn’t talking about V sweat!
Alex: (pretends to throw up)
Nik: (throws a reverse peace sign)

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