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Holy shitballs a year has passed? Wtf?! Happy Anniversary amentoramuse!

Nik: Congrats Alex! The first year in LA is the hardest – they say if you make it a year, you’ll make it.
Alex: It’s a little freaky how fast it went. Remember when we first hung out on the rooftop at Hotel Erwin and you wore SPF 50 and a hat?

Red, White, and the Blues

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Alex: I’m sad.  Actually, I’m just homesick, but being homesick makes me sad.  So I guess that does make me sad.  I just feel like I’ve missed out on so much back at home.  My brother won State for football, broke his hand and got surgery, graduated High School, turned eighteen and is leaving for college at the end of summer.  The list could go on and on.  And I’ve missed it all. Even some of my friends are getting married, having kids, or getting their own places.  It’s weird and

Holiday Blues

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Alex:  This Thanksgiving was my first holiday away from home. There are some things I knew I wouldn’t miss like the clean up and cold weather. But there are a lot of things that I knew I would miss; my grandma’s perfectly mashed potatoes with a touch of garlic, the sound of papa’s electric knife cutting the turkey, football on the big screen, the array of desserts we could choose from after dinner, the festive ...


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Nik:  Everyone should stop planning their Black Friday shopping strategy and DONATE to something! It’s Thanksgiving. Be thankful for everything you have because so many people have so much less or nothing at all. I got a letter from Meals On Wheels asking for a donation. I read the letter and burst into tears. I’ve been so caught up in my own “stuff” that I’ve