No Thoughts, No Title

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Alex: Have you ever gotten half way through a script and realized you hate it? And that it’s not nearly as good of an idea as you thought it was? Well, that’s where I’m at. I’ve been writing scenes everyday and even though this is the first one I’ve ever written, I know I’m capable of producing better! My vocabulary stinks. My plot line isn’t as complex as I want it to be. My transitions are okay but could be better. I’m just not liking anything I’m writing at the moment. Describing a character or a scene is a lot harder than what I thought it would be! What was I thinking writing a Sci-Fi for my first script? I guess the only take away from this experience is that I am on the right path. I know I was born to be a writer. Even though I’m stumbling right now, I want to keep going.  I just wish I would have realized this sooner and finished this damn pilot months ago so I could be working on something new. Have you ever written a script and done nothing with it?
Nik: I actually think it’s…

Nothing’s Original

Alex: I feel like EVERYTHING has been done before. It’s annoying and irritating and makes me want to pull my hair out and kick my computer screen off my desk and scream like a child who just found out that Christmas isn’t happening this year. While I was writing a scene  last night, I thought of a concept for my next pilot. Later, after I was done writing, I danced with the new idea for a bit. I decided to do a little research and within 30 seconds I discovered it’s already been made into a show. I put away my phone and pouted like a little girl until I fell asleep. Why? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!?
Nik: The first pilot I ever wrote was in development until the network called and said

Magical Room

Alex: Today was so exciting, Nik!!! I took notes for the first time in the writers’ room. Well, it wasn’t the main room but who cares. The writers split up into two groups and I was pulled into one of them to take notes on character arcs. I loved hearing how they brainstormed ideas. How they took turns talking and giving pitches. It was so cool to see them debate and question each other. Honestly, it was magical. I can’t tell you how hard it was to stay focused. At times my brain would wander… I wanted to play too! It feels incredible to be working somewhere where I want to move up the ladder. I had to bite my tongue so many times because


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Holy shitballs a year has passed? Wtf?! Happy Anniversary amentoramuse!

Nik: Congrats Alex! The first year in LA is the hardest – they say if you make it a year, you’ll make it.
Alex: It’s a little freaky how fast it went. Remember when we first hung out on the rooftop at Hotel Erwin and you wore SPF 50 and a hat?

The Choice. Part Two.

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Text from Nik to Alex:  The 100 got picked up.  Waiting to hear if they need a PA.  Send me your resume right now.
Alex:  I interview with HR at Epic tomorrow to finalize my start date!  What do I do?!
Nik:  Buy time.

Text from Alex to Nik:  I told them I couldn’t start until the 15th.  Have you heard anything?

Netflix Makes Me Horny

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Alex: Have you heard of this awesome new website that streams media on-demand? It’s called Netflix!
Nik:  (Silent.  Blank stare.  Thought bubble:  Is she serious?)
Alex:  Come on, I was being funny. Anyway, I’m not sure if I want to admit this or not, but I live on Netflix. We don’t have cable so what else is there to watch? Don’t answer that. I have my go-to shows:  Parks and Rec, Louie, Scandal, Arrested Development,  but recently I came across the “Max” feature. Have you heard of it?

I Like It In The Can

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Nik:  I used to hate commercials. Specifically, the head rattling blast of noise that infiltrated my quiet night on the couch. Then TiVo came along. Ahh, the genius! I could skip through all those ads with an aggressive flair that screamed “Ha! Take that stupid commercial! My living room is impenetrable!” Additionally, last year, congress passed the CALM Act so Corporate America couldn’t noise pollute our family rooms anymore. But with the ever increasing information ...