Fugiform Papillae

Alex:  I was browsing apps and this name hooked my attention, Foodspotting. You know how much I love to eat, so obviously, I had to check it out. And it’s actually pretty sweet! It’s a visual guide to food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend great dishes and see what others recommend wherever you go. It’s almost like Instagram for food.
Nik:  Okay, I’m happy people finally have a place to showcase all of their food pictures because I’m bored with them. I mean, honestly? I don’t want to see the burrito you ate last night or the wings you ordered at Hooters or the pie you baked for your church potluck. I just don’t. Aside from that, and it could be my trust issues, but this app scares me. I’m always baffled when I overhear people at restaurants ask their server what they like. We all have different wiring when it comes to taste. We don’t taste things the same. Some people are supertasters. Some are subtasters. I’m a supertaster. I’m also a supersmeller. But my point is, I’m not sure I trust this app. I mean, sure Bob, puts a great filter on that tuna tartare, but am I really driving 30 minutes because he said it’s the best he’s ever had?
Alex:  Who’s Bob?

Pulse App

Thursday, September 5, 2013 , , , 0

Nik:  Stop texting, we have to work.
Alex:  I’m not texting. I’m checking my Pulse.
Nik:  (silent)
Alex:  It’s an app called Pulse. My friend Henry showed me. He’s a nurse. It’s a newsreader that allows you to see all of your favorite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers in ONE place.
Nik:  Henry’s a nurse?
Alex:  (silent)
Nik:  Pulse? Nurse? Ya get?
Alex:  Good one.