Indecisive Drinker

Friday, November 8, 2013 , , , , 0

Alex:  I never know what to drink when I go out. I always ask everyone what they’re getting before I order hoping it will help me make a decision. If I knew my drink, I wouldn’t have to contemplate for three hours whether I want vodka, whiskey, or a beer. I’ve always been jealous of my dad. He has been drinking bacardi and coke for as long as I can remember. He knows what he likes. I want to know what I like. The other night at Moms, my favorite bar in Santa Monica, it has a ping pong table, a nice gentleman asked “Can I buy you a drink?” I annoyingly responded “Hmm…what are you having? I usually go with a vodka tonic or a Jameson and lemonade, but it depends on the night.” He smiled, but I could tell he was really thinking… what the eff do you want? After that encounter, I decided I want to have a drink I like enough to order every time. That way I can actually talk to the cute guy at the bar instead of spending fifteen minutes picking a drink. Do you have a go-to?
Nik:  I don’t have one. But I need one because I do the same thing. I spend forever eyeballing every bottle on the shelf trying to make a decision. Then I’ll ask the bartender what I should get and he’ll ask what kind of alcohol I like and I don’t even know that. I guess I like a dirty martini, but only when I’m craving salt. I don’t like sugary drinks. I like wine, but only at restaurants. Beer makes me burp, which is never ideal, nothing like burping in a guys face right after he asks for your number…yeah. I don’t have my drink yet. I’d like go-to’s. A beer. A drink. A wine.
Alex:  What do you mean burping in a guys face is never ideal?
Nik:   I don’t even know how to respond.
Nik:  I just looked at the link you sent me.  I’m cracking up.  Does your dad wear cargo shorts?

Meet Any Celebrities?

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Alex:  It’s funny, this weekend a friend from back home asked if I’ve seen or met any celebrities yet. This was the fourth time I have been asked that same question. Well, I have actually. Annnnd we ended up making out a few times. He’s an actor and my little brother used to be obsessed with his show. I met him at a nightclub in Hollywood. I don’t exactly remember how we started talking, but ...

Caught a Baditude?

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Alex:  I just had a run in with Cruella De Vil’s sister. The Palisades is busy this morning. I start work at 8am and it just so happens to be the same time school starts. The streets are flooded with cars, kids, and parents. As I approach my building, someone is blocking the entrance of my parking structure. Now the cars behind me have to wait too and let me tell you the one directly ...


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Alex: Did you think dating was weird when you first moved out here?
Nik: I had a boyfriend who lived in Italy.
Alex: How’d you meet a guy in Italy?
Nik: I modeled in Milan
Alex: What? How did I not know this? You lived in one of my favorite Disney movies.
Nik: Milan, not Mulan.
Alex: Right.