Growing Up or Growing Old?

Monday, March 10, 2014 , , , 0

Alex: No joke. This is real life; I’m either becoming a loser or a grownup. Both are scary. It’s a Saturday night and I am laying on the couch, relaxing in silence until I get bored of surfing the internet and ready to start reading or writing. The guy I’m sleeping with is already home passed out and my roommate is getting ready to go to a party at this beautiful house in the Palisades. Ready for the best part? My back  hurts. Talk about change. A year ago I was bartending and going out 4-5 times a week.  Granted I did have my writers class today which was immediately followed by a 6 hour shift at work. I started that whole server thing again until I get a real job. Sigh.  I live with two other girls so having the place to myself is rare, I love when it happens. This post-college-pre-adulthood phase is weird. It’s a transition that you’re in long enough to be aware of. You have a lot more to be responsible for and that can sometimes be a buzz kill. I want to go out, but I’m too tired and I have too many things to do tomorrow. I can’t afford to be hungover or tired the next day anymore. That’s too much time away from responsibility. Recently, I tried going out and only having one or two drinks, but even then I wake up the next day still not feeling 100%. My body hates me or I’m too tired to think straight. That’s embarrassing. Or is it growing up? I like to tell myself that it’s growing up and it’s okay. That it doesn’t matter that it’s Saturday night. During the week I start later than most people so I can go out during the week if I really want. No it’s embarrassing I’m 24. I should still be getting all dolled up and going out every weekend, even if I don’t drink. Do you see my problem here? Please tell you went through this phase. Or tell me to stop being such a granny and party more. 
Nik:  Honey, that’s called DRIVE!  It doesn’t mean you’re a loser or getting old, it means that you’ve got vision and ambition and you want a certain life.  Tell me in a few years when you’ve got the job of your dreams, you’re all dolled up at a party and feeling amazing because you worked hard and achieved something great, that you regret staying in a few Saturday nights. When that moment comes, you’ll realize it was just the beginning of your journey to make your dreams come true. Nothing buzz kill about that.

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