Party? Play? Work?

Alex:  I am in such a different place today than I was a year ago it is absolutely insane. I had such a fun college life, all I did was play. Now it’s hard to enjoy playing, I always feel like there’s something else I could and should be doing. It’s weird. The weirdest part is that I don’t even WANT to go out. I would rather stay in so I can be productive the next day, I can’t work when I’m hungover or tired. Okay before I make myself sound like too much of a grandma I still go out. At least one night a week, but I used to go out 3 to 4 sometimes 5 nights a week! I’m just starting to go through withdrawals and feel like a loser. There’s always that group of friends that go out all the time and you start to feel left out because you’re not going out as much. Am I being too lazy? I need to go out more. How often did you go out when you were 24?
Nik:  I went out all the time last year. ;)  Um, not sure really, but I can tell you that the key is balance.  Your intuition will guide you.  If you have work to do, you know what it takes to get that work done and going out probably isn’t the best idea.  But you’ll also get the sense that you’re missing out or being a ‘grandma’ when you’re spending too much time locked up in your little makeshift office in the corner of your bedroom.  I think you need to prioritize and set reasonable goals and if you’ve reached your goals then nurture your relationships and go out and have some fun. Just make sure by the end of the week, you’re happy about what you’ve accomplished.  My guess is that if you’re feeling guilty about going out, it’s because you know you owe more to yourself and your career than what you’ve been giving.  Your emotions will guide you.  Stay connected to that inner voice and honor what it’s telling you.  That is all.
Alex: You’re so right it’s annoying. I’m going to have a drink. Cheers!

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