The Choice. Part One.

Email from Alex to Nik: I need your advice!  I got a job offer!  Things at Warner Bros Records have been going well… so well that I was recommended for a job at Epic Records, as an assistant to the VP of A&R, as well as another A&R. I would have a stable schedule, steady pay and get to listen to music all day.  It’s exactly what I wanted when I first started at WBR. I love music. It has been the love of my life since my first memory.  But the more I write and learn about the writing process, the more I can’t see myself being anything but a writer.  My dad thinks I’m an absolute nut for not accepting this position immediately. It has benefits, saving plans and stability… everything he values. It’s a great opportunity, but the thing is, I don’t know if it’s smart for me to take this job when I know I want to write. There is no doubt in my mind I will always be involved with music, I love writing lyrics and having jam sessions with my friends, but the second I found out I got the job, my stomach flipped upside down.  I’m worried that I will end up getting sucked into A&R.  I don’t know what to do.  Especially when there’s a chance that you might be able to get me an interview for a PA job on a TV show. What do you think I should do?

Text from Nik to Alex: Honestly, this is a tough one.   I’ve given your resume to three showrunners, but they already have PA’s.  I’m waiting on a pickup for The 100 on the CW because I think I can get you an interview there, but I don’t even know if they’re looking.  I know you need a job and music is a passion of yours, so I’d hate to tell you to hold off and then not be able to help you land a PA spot.  When do they need to know?
Alex: Tomorrow, but I wouldn’t start until next week.
Nik: I don’t know if The 100 will get picked up.  I feel strongly that it will, but there are no guarantees.   I think you should take the job.   You can always quit.
Alex: Won’t they hate me if I quit right away?
Nik:  Probably.  But who gives a shit if you get a job in a writers’ room on a TV show?  You don’t owe anybody anything.
Alex: I know.  AHH.  I just don’t know what to do.  This is hard.
Nik: Okay.  Instead of focusing on the options, take a minute to ask yourself why this choice is so hard.  Get quiet, get still, then get really honest with the noise inside your head.  Is the answer there?  Sometimes our fear is so loud and demanding that it’s hard to hear our intuition.  What are you scared of?  Your parents?  Your new boss getting mad at you for changing your mind?  I know you Alex and I know how badly you want to write. You’ve been very clear with them from the beginning that you’re an aspiring writer and only a complete d-bag would get mad at you for following your dreams if an opportunity arises.  Take the job.  If I can’t help you get a PA job, then you’ll have a great gig.  If a PA job comes up, we’ll deal with it then.

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