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Alex: Have you ever gotten half way through a script and realized you hate it? And that it’s not nearly as good of an idea as you thought it was? Well, that’s where I’m at. I’ve been writing scenes everyday and even though this is the first one I’ve ever written, I know I’m capable of producing better! My vocabulary stinks. My plot line isn’t as complex as I want it to be. My transitions are okay but could be better. I’m just not liking anything I’m writing at the moment. Describing a character or a scene is a lot harder than what I thought it would be! What was I thinking writing a Sci-Fi for my first script? I guess the only take away from this experience is that I am on the right path. I know I was born to be a writer. Even though I’m stumbling right now, I want to keep going.  I just wish I would have realized this sooner and finished this damn pilot months ago so I could be working on something new. Have you ever written a script and done nothing with it?
Nik: I actually think it’s a really good sign that you’re feeling this way. I know you don’t want to hear that, but almost everyone’s first script sucks. Trust me. In like five years (shit probably in a year) you’ll go back and read this sucker and be mortified.  If you were telling me that the script is amazing and you’re going to sell it and you can’t wait for me to read it, I’d be worried.  Just keep moving. Writing is rewriting (duh, but true) and your script will improve a million percent once you give it to people for notes and start doing rewrites on it. It’s good that you know it can be better. It really is. Keep going!
Alex: Thanks boo.
Nik: Welcome boo.
Alex: Knock, knock…
Nik: Really?
Alex: Yes. Knock, knock…
Nik: Who’s there?
Alex: Boo.
Nik: No.

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