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Holy shitballs a year has passed? Wtf?! Happy Anniversary amentoramuse!

Nik: Congrats Alex! The first year in LA is the hardest – they say if you make it a year, you’ll make it.
Alex: It’s a little freaky how fast it went. Remember when we first hung out on the rooftop at Hotel Erwin and you wore SPF 50 and a hat?
Nik: 55. Yep. Feels kind of like yesterday, but kind of not. So much has happened since then.
Alex: I know! I took my first writing class.
Nik: I finished a pilot. Got new agents.
Alex: I had an internship at Warner Bros. Records and got a job offer from Epic.
Nik: BUT you nabbed your first TV gig on The 100!
Alex: And YOU got staffed on Mozart in the Jungle. Which by the way, looks freaking awesome!
Nik: Dreams coming true. You’re in Hollywood baby.
Alex: Oh, I got my car towed. Over $600 in fines, that was fun.
Nik: I had a skin cancer scare and got that little f$ck$r cut off my nose. Still have a mole hole.
Alex: You can hardly see it. I went skydiving and had sex in Yosemite National Park.
Nik: I had sex upside down and sideways.
Alex: I want to have sex upside down and sideways!
Nik: It’s fun. I watched friends get married, have babies, get divorced.
Alex: My first friend got married! I was a bridesmaid, she’s preggers now. Life’s weird.
Nik: You are.
Alex: You are.
Nik: I did my first sweat lodge.
Alex: I met Red Eagle and learned about my spirit guides.
Nik: Oh, yeah – I still want to do that with you.
Alex: We have a lot of things we need to do together.
Nik: We will. Since you made it your first year…
Alex: I’ll make it a bunch more… I have learned so much from you and I continue to everytime we are together. I can’t thank the universe, or my stepmom enough for bringing us together. I think my abs are even a bit stronger from meeting you, since we laugh so gol’ darn much. I still can’t get over the fact that a year has gone by!
Nik: Cheers lil betch.
Alex: Let’s go drink.

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