The Choice. Part Two.

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Text from Nik to Alex:  The 100 got picked up.  Waiting to hear if they need a PA.  Send me your resume right now.
Alex:  I interview with HR at Epic tomorrow to finalize my start date!  What do I do?!
Nik:  Buy time.

Text from Alex to Nik:  I told them I couldn’t start until the 15th.  Have you heard anything?
Nik:  Not yet.  I should know something by Monday.

MAY 12
Text from Nik to Alex:  You interview tomorrow.  Expect a call today about setting a time.
Alex:  YES!!!  Shit!  Okay, should I tell Epic that I’m interviewing?  She knows I’m into writing…she just asked me to keep her up to date with everything going on. Or should I just call her once I find out about the job? Oh my gosh my heart is beating so fast. She is going to hate me for quitting right away.  What do I do?
Nik: Normally, I’d go the route of most respect, but for this I’m going to suggest you meet on The 100 first.  Nail the interview.  Get the job.  Then make the call to Epic.  In the most graceful and apologetic way, tell them you had a change of heart.  Then drink wine.   A lot of wine.
Alex:  Okay.
Nik: You should watch all the episodes of The 100 and read the pilot to prepare.
Alex:  I’m already 4 episodes in!

MAY 13
Text from Alex to Nik:  On my way to the interview now. So nervous!
Nik:  Just be yourself.  You got this.
Alex: I GOT THE JOB!!!!!  :)
Nik:  YES!!!!!
Alex:  I was hired right then and there at the end of the interview. This industry wastes no time, I start Monday. It’s night and day how different I feel after finding out I got this job versus finding out I got the job at Epic. It just feels right. I’m so excited to start! I’m going to call and quit Epic now before this happy feeling wears off.
Nik: I’ll have wine waiting.
(five minutes later)
Alex: Yep, she hates me.  That phone call sucked so hard.  She wasn’t happy. I really do feel bad for quitting before I even started, but you’re right, I have to do what’s best for me. I recommended a friend who is looking to work in the music industry and he has an interview there tomorrow so hopefully that softens the blow a little bit.
Nik: I know that was hard and definitely not the way you wanted to handle things, but the timing made it too risky not to have a back up plan.  She’ll be fine.  And you my friend just said yes to the beginning of your career in TV writing. Proud of you. Time to kick ass.

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