Cinderella Had Eye Sex

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Alex:  You’re not going to believe what happened to me a couple weeks ago… I went to the Friends and Family (FNF) Pre-Grammy party! I know that people in the industry act like it’s no big thang, but to me it’s like finally getting invited to sit with the populars at lunch. I’m still smiling like a little kid who just got their first play station. I was so nervous. You know that overwhelming feeling ...

I’m obsessed with… Hypercolor Nail Polish

Nik:  My latest manicure has provided me with hours of entertainment. And no it’s not because I’m bored.  Well, I am, now that my pilot is finished.  But really it’s because it’s hypercolor. When I’m cold, my nails are a deep red, almost black, and when I’m warm, they turn cherry red. It’s weirdly fun to watch when my fingers are changing temperature…my middle fingers are always cold. Who knew?

Happy Birthday Mentor!

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Alex:  Nik, I’m so lucky and thankful that our worlds have crossed paths. You inspire me in more ways than one. You make me laugh and you’re there for me when I cry. You are one of the strongest women I have ever met and the rock for so many people. I don’t know how you do it. Happy Birthday! I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays together! :)

I’m obsessed with… Mitch Stone Essentials

Friday, November 29, 2013 , , , , 0

Nik:  You know what’s fun about saying yes to random party invites in LA? You sometimes meet nice people who just launched a hair care line and they want to give you full size samples for your feedback. Here’s my feedback Mitch Stone: Love. I smell like Hawaii and I’m super happy about it because I’m freezing my tatas off in Wisconsin right now.

Baby You A Song…

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Alex:  As much as I love the view of fall in Wisconsin, driving in California is like having a computer screen background around you at all times. My roommate Janae, she’s on the ski team Minocqua Bats in Wisconsin, has a convertible. I feel spoiled. We drive around with the top down, music blaring, sunnies on, hair blowing in the wind and as often as possible we throw our hands in the air and wave ...

I’m obsessed with… The Stowaway Case

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Alex:  No one brings a big purse to the clubs. Whenever I go out dancing, I stuff my ID, credit card, phone, and house key into the smallest purse I have. BAD IDEA. Every time I would take my phone out of my purse something would fall out. I lost my ID a month ago and had to order a new one. It was like Christmas every morning running to the mailbox to see ...

Park You

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Alex:  Parking enforcement does not mess around out here. In Wisconsin you could get away with a lot more! Today I went to Runyon to hike. It has such a different vibe than Temescal. Can’t complain though, I’m happy hiking anywhere. Whenever I’m this cheesy, I actually crave cheese. Is that weird? Anyway, I loved how many dogs were at Runyon. I felt like I was walking up a mountain, surrounded by puppies and a ...

Powder Puff

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Text from Nik to Alex:  I don’t want to wash my hair.
Alex:  Baby powder.
Nik:  I have dry shampoo, but it kind of makes my scalp itchy.
Alex:  Baby powder is better.
Nik:  Even on dark hair?
Alex:  Yes. You don’t need a lot. Lightly sprinkle it on your roots and watch the magic happen.
Nik:  Magic?
Alex:  Oily roots, now you see them now you don’t.
Nik:  What’s the difference between baby powder and dry shampoo?
Alex:  I’m not sure, but it just works better. My hair looks and feels cleaner when I use the powder.
Nik:  Fine, I’ll try it.  And since we’re talking powder,  if I ever hear that you’re using drugs, this project

Let Me Be Me

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Alex:  Warning!! I’m about to vent… Have you ever had someone you care about question every choice you make? I do and it’s going to stop. Right here, right now. Are you really wearing those shoes? Yes, I am. It’s my opinion that matters. You can guide me, but you can’t walk the path for me. When you constantly state your opinion you’re not letting me form my own. They become your thoughts and your ...