I’m obsessed with… Hypercolor Nail Polish

Nik:  My latest manicure has provided me with hours of entertainment. And no it’s not because I’m bored.  Well, I am, now that my pilot is finished.  But really it’s because it’s hypercolor. When I’m cold, my nails are a deep red, almost black, and when I’m warm, they turn cherry red. It’s weirdly fun to watch when my fingers are changing temperature…my middle fingers are always cold. Who knew?
Alex:  I love it! It kind of inspired me to get my nails gelled. Is that how you say it? Where they put that gel-coat on so your nails don’t chip as fast. I got similar colors and I didn’t even mean to. I unconsciously copy-catted you. Is this what it feels like to be the younger sibling?!
Nik:  Don’t make it creepy, Alex.hypercolor 1hypercolor 2 hypercolor 3

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