I’m obsessed with… The Stowaway Case

Friday, November 22, 2013 , , , , 0

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Alex:  No one brings a big purse to the clubs. Whenever I go out dancing, I stuff my ID, credit card, phone, and house key into the smallest purse I have. BAD IDEA. Every time I would take my phone out of my purse something would fall out. I lost my ID a month ago and had to order a new one. It was like Christmas every morning running to the mailbox to see if my new license came. It took 3 ½ weeks to arrive, which was torture. I never want to go through the fear of getting pulled over, not being able to go out with my friends, or buy a bottle of wine EVER AGAIN! That’s why I decided to get this guy: the Stowaway Case. It’s my new best friend. It allows me to put my ID, money, credit card on my phone. I have never lost my phone so this is a great place to keep other things I don’t want to lose. So convenient.
Nik:  I love that you feared not being able to buy a bottle of wine. This is the case I use. It’s a great option too.
Alex:  Mine is cooler. ;)
Nik:  Mine is.

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