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Alex:  Parking enforcement does not mess around out here. In Wisconsin you could get away with a lot more! Today I went to Runyon to hike. It has such a different vibe than Temescal. Can’t complain though, I’m happy hiking anywhere. Whenever I’m this cheesy, I actually crave cheese. Is that weird? Anyway, I loved how many dogs were at Runyon. I felt like I was walking up a mountain, surrounded by puppies and a sunset over the city background screen saver. I hiked it this morning with 4 other friends. We stopped periodically throughout the hike just to appreciate the beauty around us. Some found it in the sky, some found it in the puppies, and others found it in the hotties with their shirts off. Moments like that keep me sane. I’m reminded of what’s important. I’m feeling refreshed on the walk back to our car. Just as we’re approaching we spot parking enforcement. A Reno 911 lookalike. You see them and instantly your insides hurt. I run up to my car and see that I got a parking ticket. I looked up at the sign and realized that the only day you can’t park on this street is Saturday. It’s Saturday. SHIT! I opened the ticket… $68! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s ridic. I was bummed. All the other cars around me had tickets on them too, this area must be a hot spot. I tried not to let it ruin the fun adventure I had just gone on, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was a little grouchy on the drive home. Lesson learned, read the street signs CLOSELY!
Nik:  Um, yesterday, I parked in a spot that said 1 Hour Parking. What I didn’t bother to look at was the yellow curb which said No Parking. I’m confused. And annoyed. And it was $58. I’m contesting this one. I took pictures. A**H****!
Alex: You should. If I was a parking enforcer I’d just leave notes on the cars saying “Can’t park here biotch! Read the sign. Enjoy the warning! Go Packers.” PS- Can we get Aaron back already? I don’t think my heart can take another week without him. And yes, we’re on a first name basis.
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