ASAP Science

Thursday, June 26, 2014 , , 0

Alex: I thought I would share my favorite YouTube channel. ASAP Science. I like to tell myself this is a productive way to procrastinate. The videos are only a couple minutes and they break down mind blowing science in a language that I can understand. They range from ‘The Power of Thought’ to ‘How To Cure A Hangover’ to ‘Lucid Dreaming’ to ‘What Is An Orgasm.’
Nik:  Now I know that Tylenol is a bad idea. Mind blowing.
Alex: You’re welcome.
Nik:  Thanks.

Delectable Wine

Alex:  Since one of our favorite things to do together is drink wine, I thought this was a must share. For me, it’s not one of those apps I would use everyday BUT it does come in handy. Woah, my mind just got real dirty when I said the word handy. Anywho, the app is called Delectable Wine. You can take a picture of the wine you’re drinking and learn about the vintage, winemaker, and ...

Shape House

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 , , , , 0

Alex:  Remember a while back when you went to that place and sweated for like 8 hours?
Nik:  The sweat lodge.  Yes.
Alex:  Well, I just found an urban version of that. It’s called Shape House. Have you heard of it? When you go to their website there’s just this sexy body with sweat dripping down it. Then the words: come. sweat away your weight or your stress. improve your sleep or your skin. come cleanse your body or re-invent your life. stay. because you feel great when you do. book a sweat… I MEAN COULD THEY SPEAK TO ME ANY LOUDER? I’m booking an appointment. Want to come sweat with me?

Fugiform Papillae

Alex:  I was browsing apps and this name hooked my attention, Foodspotting. You know how much I love to eat, so obviously, I had to check it out. And it’s actually pretty sweet! It’s a visual guide to food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend great dishes and see what others recommend wherever you go. It’s almost like Instagram for food.
Nik:  Okay, I’m happy people finally have a place to showcase all of their food pictures because I’m bored with them. I mean, honestly? I don’t want to see the burrito you ate last night or the wings you ordered at Hooters or the pie you baked for your church potluck. I just don’t. Aside from that, and it could be my trust issues, but this app scares me. I’m always baffled when I overhear people at restaurants ask their server what they like. We all have different wiring when it comes to taste. We don’t taste things the same. Some people are supertasters. Some are subtasters. I’m a supertaster. I’m also a supersmeller. But my point is, I’m not sure I trust this app. I mean, sure Bob, puts a great filter on that tuna tartare, but am I really driving 30 minutes because he said it’s the best he’s ever had?
Alex:  Who’s Bob?

Coffee Talk

Nik:  Have you heard of Egg Coffee?  My aunt said that in Minnesota, her family used to crack an egg into steaming hot coffee, let it solidify, and then skim it out.  The claim is that it adds a certain richness and clarity to the coffee.  I did a little research and it’s really a thing.  I love coffee and of course I have to try. This could be a complete disaster…
Alex:  Egg coffee? I’m being judgmental and putting this in the ‘sounds gross’ category. I think I’m going to stick with my Bulletproof Coffee.
Nik:  Evvvvveryone is drinking B.C.,  I just made it the other day.  So good.
Alex:  And super easy. That’s why I make it! Butter, heavy cream, and oil sure does a coffee good.
Nik:  Wait, what?  You’re suppose to use Ghee, coconut oil and vanilla extract.
Alex:  What the f$ck is Ghee?
Nik:  Clarified butter.  Ayurveda considers ghee to be sāttvik or sattva-guṇi (in the “mode of goodness”), when used as food.
Alex:  Who are you right now?
Nik:  Have you heard of ‘oil pulling’?
Alex:  No, but the sound of it takes my head straight to the gutter. Great, now I’m horny.
Nik:  I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore.  I’m going to make Egg Coffee.

Netflix Makes Me Horny

Monday, March 3, 2014 , , , 0

Alex: Have you heard of this awesome new website that streams media on-demand? It’s called Netflix!
Nik:  (Silent.  Blank stare.  Thought bubble:  Is she serious?)
Alex:  Come on, I was being funny. Anyway, I’m not sure if I want to admit this or not, but I live on Netflix. We don’t have cable so what else is there to watch? Don’t answer that. I have my go-to shows:  Parks and Rec, Louie, Scandal, Arrested Development,  but recently I came across the “Max” feature. Have you heard of it?

Circuit Works

Nik:  The older a person gets, the faster the ass heads south. It’s not okay. You know what is okay? Circuit Works. I get so bored with gym workouts and kind of can’t stand classes, but this is the perfect place for my scattered mind. It’s an interval/circuit training workout that rotates through a series of stations combining aerobic and weight training exercises. The music is loud, the instructors motivating, and your mind is engaged because you’re quickly moving through the different stations.