Shape House

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Alex:  Remember a while back when you went to that place and sweated for like 8 hours?
Nik:  The sweat lodge.  Yes.
Alex:  Well, I just found an urban version of that. It’s called Shape House. Have you heard of it? When you go to their website there’s just this sexy body with sweat dripping down it. Then the words: come. sweat away your weight or your stress. improve your sleep or your skin. come cleanse your body or re-invent your life. stay. because you feel great when you do. book a sweat… I MEAN COULD THEY SPEAK TO ME ANY LOUDER? I’m booking an appointment. Want to come sweat with me?
Nik:  That sounds really uninviting, no offense.  I’m curious how it’ll compare to the sweat I did.  I have to say, my sweat was a spiritual experience.  I noticed so many shifts in the weeks following including deep sleep and an inspiration to take really good care of myself.  Superficially,  my skin was incredibly soft and clear. The thing you have to be careful of is dehydration.  It’s so important to drink tons of water and get proper minerals and electrolytes before you go in.  You know it’s water weight you’re losing, right?  It comes right back…
Alex:  If it comes back in my titties, I’m cool with that.

Shape Lodge

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