Cry Baby

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Alex:  Saturday nights used to be Janae  putting on her MEOW playlist as we’d try on 3 or 4 outfits before deciding what to wear.  Shelly would pour the drinks and after the buzz kicked in, Griffel would remind us that it was time to order the Uber. We’d dance until about 2 am, come home and make a pizza. It sucked when we ran out of ranch. Sundays were spent recovering, usually watching How I Met Your Mother, or off to the beach to relax and wait for the ocean to take care of our hangovers.  As much fun as that was, I wasn’t getting anywhere on my script! It’s been a couple of months now at my new job and I’m not

Magical Room

Alex: Today was so exciting, Nik!!! I took notes for the first time in the writers’ room. Well, it wasn’t the main room but who cares. The writers split up into two groups and I was pulled into one of them to take notes on character arcs. I loved hearing how they brainstormed ideas. How they took turns talking and giving pitches. It was so cool to see them debate and question each other. Honestly, it was magical. I can’t tell you how hard it was to stay focused. At times my brain would wander… I wanted to play too! It feels incredible to be working somewhere where I want to move up the ladder. I had to bite my tongue so many times because

What’s Your Favorite?

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Alex: Do you have a favorite movie? I feel like I should know this. And while we’re at it, what’s your favorite song? And color? And dessert?
Nik: I actually don’t have a favorite movie.  I love everything Wes Anderson makes.  Everything David O. Russell does.  The Coen Brothers. John Hughes gave me a whole lot of happy.  Christmas Vacation is a holiday tradition. I usually can’t rewatch the movies that impacted me the most because I don’t want to ruin the initial experience.  So no. No favorite movie. Or at least not one. Song… hmm… it changes every day. I always feel pretty good about

Delectable Wine

Alex:  Since one of our favorite things to do together is drink wine, I thought this was a must share. For me, it’s not one of those apps I would use everyday BUT it does come in handy. Woah, my mind just got real dirty when I said the word handy. Anywho, the app is called Delectable Wine. You can take a picture of the wine you’re drinking and learn about the vintage, winemaker, and ...

Party? Play? Work?

Alex:  I am in such a different place today than I was a year ago it is absolutely insane. I had such a fun college life, all I did was play. Now it’s hard to enjoy playing, I always feel like there’s something else I could and should be doing. It’s weird. The weirdest part is that I don’t even WANT to go out. I would rather stay in so I can be productive ...

New Year: My Fit Foods

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Nik:  A friend told me about My Fit Foods. It’s great. I’m a huge fan. I’m not trying to lose weight, but I find cooking for one to be rather dull, not to mention expensive, so I stock up on meals for the week from this place. Someone with OCD more severe than mine definitely organized the store. You walk in to find walls of refrigerators organized by breakfast, lunch and dinner. Within