My Fridge Food

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 , , , , 0

Alex: I stumbled upon this cool website where you can list the ingredients you have in your fridge and it gives you recipes.
Nik: Genius.  I’m trying it.
Alex: Let me know how it goes.
Nik: So… I have all the ingredients to make: Butter Beer, Sweet and Sour Sauce, Apple Pie in a Cup, Easy PB Fudge, Papa Johns Garlic Sauce and Vanilla Ice.  Looks like I’m ordering in.
Alex: Hahaha. That makes me want to watch Harry Potter.
Nik: I’m confused though because I have fish, quinoa, veggies…
Alex: Did you list them?
Nik: Yes. And pasta and pasta sauce. Maybe they think it’s obvious? Or maybe I checked too many condiments?
Alex: Ooh, condiments…
Nik: Weirdo.


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