What’s Your Favorite?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 , , , , 0

Alex: Do you have a favorite movie? I feel like I should know this. And while we’re at it, what’s your favorite song? And color? And dessert?
Nik: I actually don’t have a favorite movie.  I love everything Wes Anderson makes. Everything David O. Russell does.  The Coen Brothers. John Hughes gave me a whole lot of happy.  Christmas Vacation is a holiday tradition. I usually can’t rewatch the movies that impacted me the most because I don’t want to ruin the initial experience.  So no. No favorite movie. Or at least not one. Song… hmm… it changes every day. I always feel pretty good about Led Zeppelin. Black is my favorite color. Or white. Maybe a brilliant blue.  Usually my favorite color is whatever beautiful thing is catching my eye at the moment…the color of a flower, a person’s pretty eyes, the color of the ocean in Hawaii or the trees in Wisconsin or the flood of green and gold at a Packer game. Dessert…might be ice cream, might be cherry pie, might be Cadbury Creme Eggs… Basically, this is why I’m not married.  I’m impossilby noncommittal.
Alex: You’re flawless.
Nik:  Am I?
Alex:  You know the Beyonce song?  I woke up like this we flawless…
Nik:  Do I?
Alex: You should.
Nik:  You should.

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