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Alex: It’s been almost two months since I’ve waxed my eyebrows. That’s a record. They’re starting to look like caterpillars.
Nik: They’re a little unruly.
Alex: Where do you get yours done?  And do you wax them or get them threaded? Haha… the word threaded is fun to say.
Nik: Threaded.  Threadddded.  Thhhhhhhreaded.
Alex: You get them threaded?
Nik: No. Waxed. I was seeing if it was fun to say.
Alex: Isn’t it?
Nik: So fun. I kind of can’t stop.  Thhhhhhreaded…
Alex: Tell me where!
Nik: I get mine waxed with Mirella at Anastasia in Brentwood.  She’s expensive, but I like that she listens to me.  I’m very specific.  I like a full brow.
Alex:  Full bush?
Nik: Nope. Lil bush.
Alex: I wonder if you can get that threaded…
Nik: Seems inefficient.

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