I’m obsessed with… Cell Ceuticals Photo Defense Sunscreen

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 , , , , 1

Nik:  I will wear sunscreen, I will wear sunscreen, I will wear sunscreen… Why is so hard to put on effing sunscreen?  As I make this my habit, I’ll tell you that I’ve tried so many and this is the best.  I don’t break out or get itchy from it.  I know we didn’t wear it much in Wisconsin because there are only like two weeks of summer there, but in Cali you get blasted daily and it’ll take a toll.  Trust me.  This is probably the BEST mentor advice I’ve given you.  WEAR SUNSCREEN.  Start now.
Alex:  Say blasted again.
Nik:  Blasted.
Alex: FYI that’s definitely not the best mentor advice you’ve given me. Remember when you said “hope is an innate characteristic we all have and it’s tough when the realization that it’s time to let go sets in because it signifies that what you’ve hoped for isn’t possible”? That has really stuck with me.
Nik:  That’s sweet, but this is the best advice.  You just won’t realize it until you’re my age.
Alex: You’re sweet.
Nik:  No you are.
Alex:  You are.
Nik:  You.
Alex:  No.


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