I’m obsessed with… Animal by Midnight Faces

Thursday, October 23, 2014 , , , , 0

Alex: My favorite thing about LA is that I am constantly surrounded by other artists who inspire me. I love learning about the different process each of them has when working on a project. A friend of mine is the lead singer in this LA-based Duo called Midnight Faces and I am obsessed with their song Animal right now. It’s on repeat when I have a long drive. Their video is cool too. It’s just creepy enough to keep you watching. The song spotlights the disturbing side of love and how no one is immune to going crazy.  In a recent interview on Noisey, vocalist Philip Stancil broke down the track: “It’s about holding onto something that’s gone. Most people, myself included, seem to convince themselves that somehow things will go back to the way they once were, even after it’s turned to shit. It’s really terrible, because everyone around you sees how crazy you’re acting over losing something, but you’re the last one to come to your senses about it.”
Nik: I love it.
Alex: Like-love or love-love?
Nik: Holding-on-to-something-that’s-gone-love.
(long pause)
Alex: Deep.

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