Hammer In My Head

Alex:  Hangovers are real. They remind me how much older I am. Remember in college when you could go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? Sometimes add a Sunday Funday? Well, and Monday and Tuesday… I’m at that phase where you still can do that, but you’re greeted the next morning with a headache, nausea, and a body coma. I’m no stranger to a bad hangover, but even after three drinks I can feel it in the morning. Thank heavens for Juice Crafters, sunglasses, and Advil. What’s your cure?
Nik:  Preventative. Two drink max. You’re an adult now–no need to get shitty, or you’ll feel shitty. If you must (we’re Wisconsinites and drinking is in our DNA) straddle every drink with a glass of water with lemon.
Alex:  Good plan… more straddlin’.
Nik:  Oh good lord.

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