I Really Live Here?

Alex:  I am in love with Allen Stone. No beating around the bush, he’s the best singer alive. He has so much soul and positive energy. This past weekend I went to his concert on the Santa Monica pier. I was like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert. In fact, the last time I was that excited to see someone perform was when I was at my first N’Sync concert! The entire day was magical. We got there at 4pm and ate at a cute little seafood place at the end of the pier. The weather was warm with a light ocean breeze that made the temperature perfect. I had to take a moment to absorb the environment around me. Dogs were under the tables of their owners, babies were crying loud, homeless people begged for scraps. I felt like like I was in a movie. After our meal we went over to the stage to get our groove on as we waited for Allen to perform. The smell of kettle korn engulfed me and even though I just ate, I had to buy some. On the way I stopped at the beer tent and as I waited in line I noticed how different everyone’s shoes were. It was cool. I saw cobalt blue vans, red jordans, black high heels, pink wedges, the list could go on. I could wear any shoes I wanted and I would’ve fit it. I love that. I loved everything about that day. The vibe. The seafood. The hairstyles. The shoes. The dancing. The people. The crisp air. The energy. It was an environment Wisconsin could never provide for me. I couldn’t stop smiling. This is my new home, I live here now. :)



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