How Much?!

Alex:  I was lured into a boutique the other day in Malibu. HOLY SHIT! Do people really pay $118 for a black v-neck with a little pocket on the front left? Even though I walked around pretending like I belonged there, the workers barely acknowledged me, probably because I was wearing tennis shoes and workout pants. Bad move ladies, I’m going to be able to afford nice clothes someday and guess where I’m NOT shopping… HERE! Although, they had a great sale rack, I spotted some regularly priced adorable army pants for… $675?!!!! That’s more than my rent. I nearly had a heart attack.
Nik:  Alex! Don’t torture yourself! Go to any of the millions of consignment shops around LA because all of those people who spend $675 on camo skinnies, dump them off at one of these places after they’ve worn them maaaaaaybe twice! You can find GREAT pieces for cheap. H&M or Forever 21 are great too.  I recommend spending money on classic, basic pieces though–especially if you find it on the sale rack. If you troll the sales and find a great black blazer, it’s worth the money because you’ll have it forever. I’d also say to do “sale” shopping at the department stores (Macy’s, Barney’s, Saks, Bloomingdales) because the return policy is better and the percentage off is steeper.

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