Meet Any Celebrities?

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Alex:  It’s funny, this weekend a friend from back home asked if I’ve seen or met any celebrities yet. This was the fourth time I have been asked that same question. Well, I have actually. Annnnd we ended up making out a few times. He’s an actor and my little brother used to be obsessed with his show. I met him at a nightclub in Hollywood. I don’t exactly remember how we started talking, but after a good chat he asked for my number. I lightly blushed while I gave it to him. Thirty minutes later I got a text: “Yo good to meet you.” Then his name…as if I forgot. Gave him the good ol’ “ditto!” response. I was surprised when he texted me the next day. We chatted about random stuff…boy bands, cartoons, how the rest of our night went. After a few texting conversations he suggested we go to the venice canals. I’m always down for an adventure, so I met him there a few days later. I was surprised at how easy the conversation came. There was never a moment of silence. We walked around for a couple hours, he gave me the history of the canals and his life. It was interesting and a lot of fun. I tripped walking over one bridge, falling into him. No joke, it was an accident. It kicked off a bunch of flirting so I wasn’t as embarrassed afterwards. At one point someone stopped us to ask for a picture of him, it made me laugh! I could tell he came from a completely different universe. His lifestyle and the way he looked at life was so different from mine. As the night ended, he asked me if I could drive him to his car…he had to park farther away. Before he got out of car he leaned over and kissed me. Not just a peck-kiss, a full-on-french-kiss. His confidence was sexy and I think I was just overwhelmed with the whole night in general so I started giggling. He let out a little laugh too and then kissed me once more before exiting my car. We hung out a few more times but it felt like he was always putting on this persona. He slowly went from a prince to a player. I never expected anything serious to come from it, just a good time, but now I giggle every time someone asks if I’ve met any celebrities since I’ve moved to LA.
Nik:  Ha. That’s hilarious. I have a funny ‘hotel heiress’ story.  Think The Hangover.
Alex:  Tell me now?!
Nik:  Nope.
Alex:  Please?
Nik:  Nope.
Alex:  Calling you now… Answer your phone!
Nik:  Nope. ;)

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