Inch By Inch, It’s All A Cinch

Monday, January 12, 2015 , , , 0

Nik: Get up at same time everyday, use Sonicare, meditate, run, take vitamins, take probiotics, drink less coffee, drink more water, drink less wine, exfoliate, wear sunscreen, get healthy, think healthy, be healthy, eat healthy, strong mind, keep moving, strong spirit, keep laughing, love more, hate less, be positive, be impeccable, cook more, travel more, be a better friend, be a better daughter, be a better sister, be a better lover, be a wife, be a mother, be a creator, motivator, mentor, finish spec, start new spec, finish feature, work on my serve, go to the driving range, learn Spanish, learn French, organize drawers, organize schedule, organize mind. Breathe. I’m ready, are you?
Alex: I’m so ready to… unapologetically say no, read, write, read, stop slouching, moisturize my skin, cut out gluten, read, appreciate every inch of my body, have more dance parties in my room (or your living room), laugh more, worry less, be thankful for life and did I mention read? I also second everything you said. 2015 feels like it’s going to be a good one. I know people say that every year, but my perspective is different. My values have changed. And my give a damn about what anyone thinks is busted. CHEERS!
Nik: Cheers panda!

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