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Alex: I really enjoy lunch time because I get to listen to the writers talk about their favorite shows and other cool things they’ve done lately. Today one of my co-workers was talking about this interactive haunted play called Delusion. It’s supposed to make you feel like you are in a scary movie. Are you a scaredy cat? I am but for some reason I really want to do this. You have to sign a waiver because you run and crawl and people touch you. We have to buy our tickets soon because they’re half sold out already. I’ve never been into this kind of stuff but I’m all game right now. What’s gotten into me!?
Nik: It looks very cool.  I’m not sure I can get down with strangers touching me though.
Alex: C’mon pretend like you’re in college.
Nik: Only my boyfriends touched me.  And even on my drunkest night I never crawled through the woods on my knees.  I did fall in a snow bank once.  And ask a female cop to arrest me.
Alex: Was she hott?
Nik: No, she looked like a dude, but I wanted to be handcuffed.
Alex: Kinky, I like it.
Nik: You would.  Should we go?
Alex: YES!

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