Alex: Not going to lie, Dangerdust inspired me today. My favorite is “Know how to spell a word more than one way.” – Mark Twain. Which one is your favorite?
Nik: Um.
Alex: Chalkboard art doesn’t do it for ya?
Nik: Everything is just so nice now. I mean, remember the days when you’d go to school and there was a permanent marker dick on your locker?
Alex: Yeah, I was really into MASH. Did you ever play that game?
Nik: Huh?
Alex: Man, you’re old.
Nik: I really don’t know what MASH is.  Or why we’re talking about it.
Alex: It’s a game where you pick three people that you’re going to marry, three places you’re going to live and three potential cars you’re going to drive.  It basically predicts your future.
Nik: I’m so lost.
Alex: Me too. Just pick a favorite quote for the sake of this post.
Nik: “With enough butter anything is good.” – Julia Child
Alex: You would.

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