It’s Over Now

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 , , , , 0

Nik:  Sometimes I just  have to write a poem to unblock the block…

it’s over now

cantankerous.  mortality.  flesh not flesh.
osteichthyes, chondrichthyes, agnatha, stench still of dead fish,
that consternation held dear hated friend,
for effect affected, left confusion,
abrupt erupting deep,
carcass, relic, trash can trophy, residue of impassioned passion,
fruit rotten, spotted grainy juice,
flies flippant, bewitching ambition,
tried and tried true,  budding, branch out, originate,
gene intrusion, DNA twisted, linking, living, germinated germ.

get out.

mystified, horrified, cried,
pears, apples, flowers, colors, life not death, death not obligation without liability,
crash into ribcage, broken spur spearing, banging head racing, spinning evaluation,
rating,  distinction voted weakness for expectation, serious notion, fervent heat, chained wrist to thigh, to heart, to tongue, to cavity-ridden cacophony. phony.
fearful repentant thoughts, manipulation, now conniption,
breathe irritation, breathe petulance, breathe rage, breathe infuriation,
breathe resentment, breathe revulsion, breathe hostility and rancor.

breathe all of you.  all of me.  breathe in.  dead fish.

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