Fun is Tempting

Alex:  I was waiting for my roomie Janae, she’s a Minoqua Bat, to come home from work so we could go out and play. Our friend just flew in from New York and we all couldn’t be more excited for the reunion. As I killed time until she got home, I started reading the book Chemistry of Calm. I was 17 pages in when it happened. Creativity struck and an idea for my pilot surfaced. All I could do was think about it, I was obsessed. I put the book down and started writing. I got down two sentences when I heard Janae’s voice. She and one of her fun co-wokers walked through the door, with booze, ready to get the night started. Noooo peer pressure…a weakness of mine. Fun is so tempting, I sometimes cave from peer pressure and put off the things I should be doing. Whether it’s cleaning, working out, writing, etc. Fun always wins, it gets me every time. But tonight, creativity won and I stayed in and worked on my pilot AND amentoramuse. It was a hard battle. Recap, homeboy is in town, I don’t work in the morning, and Janae and her cool work friend were really bringing some fun vibes. Once they left the hard part was over. Then I completely forgot about the fear of missing out. I have to remind myself that I don’t have set work hours. I don’t have a 9-5 job. I’m constantly working and when an idea worth exploring hits, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, I need to get it down and write!
Nik:  I’m impressed. That attitude is exactly the one that will lead you to the success you’re looking for. I’m pretty sure you’re growing up–it’s very mature to understand that in order to get to a certain place in your career, you need to make it your priority. Strong.

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