Growing Up Sucks

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Alex:  It’s official. I’m almost a grandma. My hair is falling out, I get tired by 10pm and when I get home, the first thing I do, is take my clothes off and change into sweats. The worst part is when I have a couple of drinks I’m hungover for like two days! WHAT IS GOING ON!? Not to mention the bills on bills on bills. They never stop. Cell phone, car insurance, gas, electricity, internet. I’m tired and the responsibilities just keep on coming! It’s my first year out of college and I miss it. I miss being able to skip class if I don’t feel like going. If I skipped work, I’d get fired. I miss gamedays wearing badger gear, drinking, and chanting “LET’S GO RED!” I miss the cheapness of Wisconsin. LA is expensive man. I just filled up my gas tank at $4.79 a gallon. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Being an adult is hard. I want to go back to college. Does this feeling ever go away? UGHHH Nik hold me!
Nik:  Well, if you’re a grandma, I’m an ashy corpse in a coffin. The good news is that some of these things will change and get better. The bad news is that some of them won’t. You’ll adjust to the newfound responsibility. That’ll get easier. I think the most important thing I learned in college was how to manage my time and stay organized with lists. Sounds silly, but those lists keep my very busy life in check. As far as the hangovers? They only get worse sister. All I can say is drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have, eat enough food and get this GENIUS product: Source Naturals Hangover Formula.  I take it even if I only have a drop of alcohol. It totally works. Hair falling out? How’s your diet? Could be stress, could be lack of iron or vitamin B? Make sure you’re taking a good multi-vitamin and eating a well balanced diet. Taco Bell and ramen don’t qualify after you graduate college. Sorry. As far as the financial sitch? Well, you live in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S., so you should create a budget for yourself and live accordingly. Suze Orman has great books full of financial advice for every age group. Lastly, you’re totally allowed to wear Badger gear and yell for our team. OH! I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING! When I first moved out here, I joined Hollywood Badgers! You should join. It’s cheap and they offer industry panels and also plan gameday events!

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