Road Rage

Rant from Nik:
Dear Sir in the unoriginal-black-SUV-that-everyone-in-LA-drives,
I see nothing on your U.B.SUV.T.E.I.LA.D that indicates you are the traffic police. Green means go. It does. Check any drivers education manual. Just because you’re worried that your bumper will be stuck in the crosswalk when the light turns red, doesn’t give you the right to try and control the flow of traffic (at this very busy intersection that takes 20 minutes to get through during rush hour) by STOPPING at a GREEN light. Please **cking GO while the light is green! And by the way? I’m right behind you! So even if the light changes this very second, it’ll be MY ass in the intersection, not yours. You know what else? It’s not gonna happen! You know how I know that? Because the walk sign has 14 seconds left. So please, take a xanax and Step. On. It. before I release the bitch I try so hard to contain.

*Alex please note that you can actually get fined for blocking some intersections in LA. You’ll see signs posted.

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